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Kent Mitchell played for the local NFL franchise. Not a superstar, but a standup player. The kind of guy you’d want on your fantasy team. I’d heard a rumors he was into guys, a real powerbottom, but I didn’t believe one weeknight I was trawling the online hookup site. Even without a face pic, I recognized the body I’d practically memorized from Sundays parked in front of my big screen. 
"Holy fuck!" I whispered as I typed a PM asking if he was looking for some action. I sent a pic that included my throbbing dick at full mast. I wasn’t a porn star, but I have a pretty good combo of face, body, and dick. I get my share. 
The chat message back floored me. “Hell yeah buddy. Hot fucking dick u got. I been fingering my man pussy the last hour I need it bad.” Then he shot me a pic of him pulling down his sweats, exposing his hole, a look of determined lust on his face. That was Kent Mitchell all right.
"Man o man," I replied. "I wanna stuff u so bad buddy. I bet u can handle a good hard fuck too."
"Hell yeah. Come on over bud. " His address popped up on my screen. "Hurry this horny studpussy cant wait."
I grabbed my keys and was out the door.

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Mmmm, wanna bury my tongue in that hole while my nose is buried under those perfect balls.

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I want asks.


Pretty please?


White Ass….


Does this give your tongue a hard on? Your a rim pig


More nudes.  
I’m a sinner,  but I’m okay with that.